Getting Starting Guide

If you are reading this it means you are thinking of helping the Covid-19 fight with your 3D printer. That's awesome and we need all the help we can get.

Who's organizing all this?

Currently we are getting organized using the BC Covid-19 3D Printing Slack channel. There you can find the latest information on our efforts.

How can I help?

First you should sign up as a supplier using this form.

Download the .stl files in the BC Covid-19 repository on Github. Those are the files being used by our community. If you are a developer, join the #website channel on Slack.

Is there a specific item in high demand?

Both Visor Frames and Surgical Mask Strap are needed. You can check the current demand for the items here.

What 3D printers are required, known to work, or recommended?

Visor frames measure 159x184mm so printers must have plates large enough. Beyond this any FDM printer should work.

Am I required to print with a specific filament type?

For the Visor Frames, PETG is preferred but PLA is acceptable.

For the Surgical Mask Strap, PLA is preferred, but PETG will also work. There are reports that TPU works great for them as well.

Are there any specific slicing configurations needed (layer height, printing speed, etc.)?

Please take some time to read this guide, since it has some good information that can even speed up the printing time.

What is the minimum quality expected of the prints? When should I discard or keep them?

If you have any concerns that your prints are not up to the minimum quality required, please use the #quality-control channel on our Slack. Post pictures of your prints and we will have people evaluating it.

We are printing the frames, what about the shields?

Currently there's a team there is responsible for adding the shields. As suppliers we should only have to worry about printing the frames and straps.

I have a few items printed, what now?

Please keep your inventory updated. You will be contacted for pickup or delivery when we match you with a courier or requesting health care provider. Please continue to print, we are more likely to match you if you have more inventory.

Where are my items going to be delivered to?

Currently the team is working to fulfill requests from staff at local hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, as well as other organizations working on the front line.

Am I supposed to sanitize my prints before handing it off?

Sanitization should be performed by the health care professional to the standard they require. We should ensure that our prints are clean and free from visible debris. Do not attempt to sterilize your prints using alcohol or other sterilizing agents.

I have a printer but no/running out of filament. How can I get more?

With a generous donation from MG Chemical, we now have a supply of filament to share with our members. Please only request what you need, based on your production capacity for the next week. You can find out how to make a request on our slack.

I can only print mask straps (a.k.a. Ear savers) but based on the numbers it looks like we have the production of those covered. Should I print it anyway?

Yes, We need as many as we can produce as we get more requests coming every day. In case we have more than what is needed we can distribute to other provinces/countries. So, Keep them coming.

Who should I contact for General or Media Inquiries?

Visit the Contact Page.