3DVERKSTAN Face Shields

A proven face shield design that has been tested by medical personel all around the world. Each face shield consists of a frame and visor, both intended to be sterilized and reusable. Assembly is simple and takes only seconds.

For uniformity, please follow this design: 3DVERKSTAN Design. 0.3mm layers with 0.72mm extrusion width using a 0.4mm nozzle works well. See the GitHub Repository for all of our print files.

Each unit consists of a FRAME and VISOR portion. One of each is required to produce one face shield. These are produced separately and will require assembly by the end-user. Assembly is simple and takes only seconds. Instructions are in the link above.

These face shields are intended to be reusable.

THESE FACE SHIELDS ARE NOT APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA AT THIS TIME. THEY SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED MEDICAL DEVICES. They are produced in the community and intended to meet an urgent need. Use them at your own risk.